Zeiss PhotoScope 85 T* 528100

The PhotoScope 85 T* FL from Zeiss is more than just a 15-45×85 scope – it’s a revolutionary panoramic observation optic with an integral 7 MP digital camera. The PhotoScope’s seamless integration of observation and digital capture reinvents the art of long-range observation.

While gazing in wide wonder at grand vistas, stunning panoramas, and rambling wildlife, the observer can view the scene in vivid detail through the ocular, while simultaneously recording a video or a still photograph with sparkling clarity. The PhotoScope’s wide angle 15-45x eyepiece provides a stunningly wide field of view. Due to a unique state-of-the-art optical design, the PhotoScope maintains this wider field of view across its entire range of magnification. Employing a large 85 mm objective for optimum light transmission, the PhotoScope also features fluoride-glass FL lenses to maximize its viewing potential. Every lens’ air-to-glass surface has been treated with Zeiss’ legendary and proprietary T* multicoating to minimize reflections while enhancing clarity and contrast. Additionally, the scope’s front element has been treated with the water-repellent LotuTec coating to minimize the negative effects from water, rain, dew, fog, and condensation.

The PhotoScope’s 7 MP camera is activated by a discreet hand-held remote, and it can be operated while viewing through the ocular or checking the scene on the fold-out OLED screen. The imaging system’s beam-splitter optical path allows the viewer to observe the scene while it’s being recorded. It also eliminates the possibility of image-blurring due to the mechanical vibrations inherent to most SLR camera systems. A suitable tripod is a must, as it is with all long telephoto imaging concerns – the PhotoScope’s optical system is the equivalent of a 600-1800 mm f/4-5.6 zoom. Wildlife photographers will greatly appreciate the opportunity to take high quality photographs of birds and wildlife at great distance without disturbing the scene. Compared to a DSLR with a super-telephoto lens – the PhotoScope is lighter, more compact, and much easier to use – it’s an ideal option for carrying in the field all day, every day.

Product Features

  • Angled-Viewing
  • 15-45x Zoom Eyepiece
  • 7 MP Digital Camera
  • Fold Out Display
  • Wide Angle FOV
  • FL Concept Optics
  • LotuTec Coating
  • T* Multicoating
  • Rugged Rainproof Housing