x-doria Shield Hybrid Case

Compatible with: iPhone 5

100% Protection, Front, Sides & Back. Shield is slim fitting casing that protects while keeping your iPhone pocketable and portable. With X-Doria originated front hardshell your iPhone screen is protected with 100% polycarbonate that still lets you type and control the screen. All ports and controls are covered with protective silicone plus, your volume and lock buttons are easy to use directly through the cover. The mute switch, headphone port and dock connector are easily accessed through flip-up flaps that help keep them device when not in use.


Product Features

  • 100% Protection, Front, Sides and Back
  • X-Doria originated hard polycarbonate screen shield
  • Real protection from shocks, scrapes, bumps and jolts
  • All ports and controls are covered to protect from dust and debris