TruGlide Stylus with Microfiber Tip

Compatible with: all capacitive screen Tablets and Phones

The TruGlide stylus features a patented, innovative, conductive microfiber tip that is completely unique to other rubber tip styluses on the market. The tip of the TruGlide glides smoothly, eliminating drag and skipping often associated with leading rubber tip styluses. The tightly woven microfibers are proven to be 10x more durable than rubber, making the TruGlide resistant to damage and tearing. The small diameter of the tip provides greater accuracy when writing, drawing, gaming, texting, or simply navigating and allows the stylus to function at any angle.

The TruGlide is a convenient alternative to fingertips that prevents smudges on screens and is great for use with gloves or long nails. The 4.7 in (12 cm) model is perfect for use with all tablets and eReaders. The pocket clip keeps the stylus handy. The TruGlide Stylus with pocket clip is available in Executive Black, Pearl White, Sapphire Blue, and Brushed Silver colors.

Product Features

  • Capacitive Stylus Tip Glides Smoothly for a Natural Feel
  • Small, Precise Stylus Tip Great for Writing, Drawing, and Playing Games
  • Conductive Fiber Tip is More Durable and Longer Lasting than a Rubber Tip Stylus
  • Touch Screen Stylus Works with All iPads, iPhones, Android Devices, Smartphones and Tablets
  • Clip onto Pocket or Case to Carry with Device