TrendyDigital New iPad Waterproof Case with Padding, Headphone Adapter, Removable Strap

Compatible with: iPad 1/2/3

Waterproof Case designed for iPad1/2/3. Padding is included in the back of the case for bump protection. Furthermore, the padding has been customized with a transparent window for back camera access. It also comes with built-in earphone adapter. Through this adapter, you can use a pair of waterproof earphone ( sold separately) to listen to music or watch videos even in watery environment. Furthermore, the product line is made of new generation waterproof material. The softer, tougher material has higher degree abrasion resistant property. It has superior physical strength and elasticity. It will not harden over time.

Product Features

  • New softer and tougher waterproof case material
  • Built in Headphone Adapter
  • Padding for bump protection, yet built in access for front and back camera lens
  • Protect iPad from water, sand etc
  • Great companion when you use your iPad at the beach, near the pool side, in the bathtub or at the kitchen table