Targus Versavu Keyboard and Case

Compatible with: iPad 2

The Targus Versavu Keyboard Case features a sleek low profile keyboard equipped with ‘scissor key technology’, the most popular type of keyboard, which is found in most laptops. Chances are, you own a keyboard that utilizes this same technology already in your everyday computing experience, meaning you’ll be already familiar with the feel of this keyboard. No learning curve necessary! Plus, our keyboard features the convenience of both left and right shift keys, whereas others in the same category do not. This case also comes with side tabs which prevent the keyboard from hitting and damaging the iPad 2 screen, allowing you to have a full tablet experience, without the worry that you might damage the screen.

The Targus Versavu Keyboard case gives you open access to the charging portals, which allows you to charge your ipad and keyboard while in the case. Additionally, this keyboard is equipped with a rechargeable battery with up to 90 hours of battery life for an uninterrupted experience when you need to stay mobile for extended periods of time.

Crafted for Comfort

Ergonomics were a key consideration in the design of this case. The grove in the Versavu case allows you to secure the positioning of your ipad 2 which enables you to type, scroll and otherwise interact with the touchscreen while keeping it in the case.

Rotated View

Landscape or portrait, the Targus Versavu Keyboard Case handles it with incredible ease. Regardless of whether you’re viewing spreadsheets in a horizontal view or a newspaper article vertically, this case has you covered with our patent-pending technology that allows the iPad 2 to rotate 360 degrees.


Product Features

  • Designed specifically for the iPad 2
  • Features a patent-pending 360 degree technology that frames the Apple logo and allows the iPad to rotate inside of the case.
  • Hard-sided exterior and scratch-resistant interior provides quality protection
  • The Versavu provides full access to all iPad functions so the device is fully operational inside of the case
  • Pairing an executive appearance with seamless functionality
  • And allows the iPad to rotate inside of the case in both portrait and landscape modes;
  • Features a patent-pending 360 degree technology that frames the Apple logo
  • Includes a wireless Bluetooth keyboard