Soundmatters foxLv2 Bluetooth Loudspeaker System

Soundmatters’ FoxL v2 provides an up-close listening, real Hi-Fi experience from a very tiny and portable loudspeaker system for music phones/pads/laptops/desktop PCs and more. FoxL v2 is designed as a personal speaker system providing great fidelity in your home office or hotel room and excellent clarity for a boardroom presentation or conference call.

Product Features

  • Highest fidelity resolution with pocket-sized portability
  • Connect to any music source via included AudioQuest EVERGREEN audio cable
  • aptX™ Bluetooth for CD-like Wireless Audio (when streaming from an aptX equipped Bluetooth device, like Apple Lion/Snow Leopard Macs, or optional aptX Bluetooth adapter)
  • Up to 5 hours battery life, output wattage increases when wall-powered
  • Lithium-ion BassBattery™ re-chargable via USB or wall charger
  • Up to 20 hours battery life
  • Output for optional powered subwoofer
  • Special Edition Platinum Color