Sony RDPXF300iP Speaker Dock

Compatible with: iPod and iPhone

The Sony RDP-XF300IP Portable Dock is compatible with most iPod, iPhone and iPad models. It features a sliding, retractable dock tray, which easily tucks away when traveling with the Portable Dock. Besides playing your favorite music and movies while docked, the system also charges your device while docked and playing. The speaker system also supports wireless Bluetooth streaming, which allows you to play any compatible Bluetooth enabled device through the speakers – wirelessly.

If you desire news, weather and more variety in music, the digital FM tuner should keep you satisfied. It even has 20 station presets for saving your favorite stations. The stereo speakers support 40W of total power output. Plus, if you want to tweak the sound to your ideal levels, you can choose from five different sound modes to dial in your optimum sound. For added convenience, the system comes with a wireless remote control and it features an auxiliary line audio input for connecting alternate audio devices. The internal battery supports up to seven hours of continuous playback.


Product Features

  • Internal rechargeable battery: Add powerful sound to the music or video on your iPod, iPhone, or iPad so where you go, the party can follow. The rechargeable lithium ion battery pack provides up to 6 hours of continuous operation
  • Flexible dock connector: Built for iPod, iPhone and now iPad1, the retracting flexible dock enables power supply, battery charging, music/movie playback and remote control when docked – no adaptors required. You can even dock without removing your case!
  • Premium Sound Dock: Experience superb sound from the powerful 40 Watt (20W + 20W) stereo speaker system. Rich, full bass tones add a more complete, enjoyable listening experience
  • Charge while you listen: Charge your iPod, iPhone, or iPad1while docked to help you avoid a drained battery
  • Bluetooth Audio Streaming: Take advantage of your compatible Bluetooth enabled music devices via the audio streaming functionality
  • Multiple Sound Modes: Select from 5 different sound modes [Flat, Vocal, Rock, Pop, Jazz] for the optimum listening pleasure
  • Battery Level Indicator: For your convenience, a battery life display appears on the dock
  • Enjoy FM radio programming: A built-in digital FM tuner with 20 station presets lets you choose from a wide variety of radio, talk and music programming
  • Wireless remote control: Control your iPod, iPhone, or iPad from across the room with the included full-function wireless remote control
  • Other sources welcome: An auxiliary audio input lets you connect select digital music players to the clock radio for easy access to your music (cable included)
  • Compatibility: Compatible with most iPod, iPhone and iPad models