Snapmount Tripod Mount

Compatible with: iPhone 4/4S

The SnapMount Tripod Mount for iPhone 4/4S was designed to give you the most secure way to mount your iPhone 4/4S to a tripod, without sacrificing functionality or versatility. Using “living hinge” plastic, the corners of SnapMount bend and snap to their original position to easily allow you to insert and remove your iPhone while still providing the necessary secure hold. You can record amazing movies in either landscape or portrait using one of the two mounting options. The side recessed areas allow you to attach virtually any external headphone jack attachment, letting you use adapters for professional microphones or even a credit card reader.

Product Features

  • Mount your iPhone 4/4S to ANY tripod with standard 1/4" mounting screw in either landscape or portrait using one of two mounting options
  • Shoot 14.75mm ultra wide photos and 14mm ultra wide video with your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S
  • Designed to give you access to all the phone's features: headphone jack, volume keys, 30-pin dock, etc
  • Add the big super wide lens on the front to shoot video at a stunning 14mm with your iPhone 4/4s
  • Radically changes the quality of your photos and video without distortion