SanDisk ImageMate All-in-1 Flash Memory Card Reader

Transfer your files to your PC quickly, easily and safely with this USB reader. The All-in-One Reader works with all popular types of memory cards, without the need for an adapter. With read/write speeds of up to 34MB/s*, this is one of the fastest USB 2.0 readers you can find. The included metal stand lets you easily detach the reader and slip it into your notebook bag. Press the transfer button on top of the reader to automatically launch your favourite application or website when transferring or editing your files. And when you’re all done, stand back and admire your work and your All-in-One reader, sleekly styled to look great on your desk. Package Contents: Reader, Metal stand, USB 2.0, Quick Start Guide (Downloading the User Guide)

Product Features

  • Detachable metal stand included
  • Up to 34MB/s* transfer speed
  • Fast, sleek and reliable USB reader for all memory card formats
  • Launch button to start your favourite application