Ricoh GXR Camera + S10 KIT

The Ricoh GXR + S10 Kit is just one possible combination from Ricoh’s unique interchangeable camera system. The GXR Body and the Ricoh Lens S10 24-72mm F2.5-4.4 VC Camera Unit 2 work together to give the user multiple creative options in a compact, mirrorless design, while virtually eliminating dust. The enclosed nature of system eliminates the problem of dust on the sensor or in the lens. Also, the removal and attachment of other Camera Units is seamless. If the user wants to try out a different lens/sensor combination, they just need to slide the S10 out and put in the optional Camera Unit of their choice for a new shooting experience.

When it comes to the Body, a hot shoe, SD memory card slot, on-camera controls, and a 3.0″ LCD are all among its highlights. The S10 Camera Unit on the other hand features a 10Mp 1/1.7″ CCD image sensor and Ricoh’s Smooth Imaging Engine IV for processing of your images to the sensor, along with efficient running of the camera’s various functions. Other highlights of the S10 Camera Unit include extreme close-up macro shooting, image stabilization, various AF and AE modes, and of course, 640 x 480 video capture.

In addition to the GXR Body and the S10 Camera Unit, along with the other units available, there are also numerous optional accessories which can be added onto the system. Flashes, hoods, and even viewfinders can all be attached to the body and/or Camera Units for expanded creative options.

Product Features

  • Lens, image sensor, and image processing engine comprise an integrated unit which can be changed to match the scene being photographed
  • World’s smallest and lightest digital camera with interchangeable lenses
  • System potential expanded through use of interchangeable units
  • Body exterior is die cast magnesium which has a strong track record in the GR series, and the surface is covered with a corrosion-resistant
  • The automatic exposure modes include program shift mode, shutter priority mode, and aperture priority mode