Panasonic DMC-G5KK 16 MP Compact System Camera

The 16.05-megapixel Live MOS Sensor features Panasonic’s original pixel-mix technology, designed exclusively to minimize noise generation. The fine wiring results in high resolution and quick processing. The redesigned Venus Engine of the Panasonic DMC-G5KK produces clear, crisp photo and video images. Its MNR (Multi-process Noise Reduction) quickly detects brightness in every part of a shot and its HDR (High Dynamic Range) allows for several pictures taken at different exposure levels to turn into a single composite picture that eliminates over-or-under-exposure. The 3DNR reduces rough edges. Intelligent Resolution technology detects outlines, intricate texture, and gradation thus precisely processing pixel by pixel to render true-to-life color reproduction that is spot-on.

With contrast AF (Auto Focus) the image sensor controls your focus giving you a greater range to create your crisp, clear images. This is great for recording fast moving subjects like your little leaguer, migrating birds, or your best friend who decided to bungee jump. Contrast AF boasts higher accuracy, especially when shooting with a bright lens. And since you have a full-area AF touch, you select your desired field of vision. Additionally, Light Speed AF quickly locks onto a subject, making it possible to capture even fast moving subjects like your son, the dirt bike rider.

The LUMIX G5 offers you simpler, less stressful operating controls so you can concentrate on shooting. New programmable function lever has been conveniently added near the shutter release giving you fast access to frequently used options and settings, including exposure control, power zoom, and more. In playback mode, you can use the lever to zoom your images, or flip through settings and screens using this new control. The new control with the turn-and-push rear dial to easily adjust your settings until you get the desired results that suit your shooting style is a feature that you will surely love.

Product Features

  • AVCHD Full HD (1080p),ISO Sensitivity Auto: 160-12800
  • 16M digital Live MOS sensor+Venus Engine 7FHD
  • Engine 7FHD 3, 920K dots Free-angle touch LCD
  • Full time AF, Full HD video
  • 920K dots Free-angle touch LCD