New Trent 2PCS Micro-Knit Retractable Stylus (TwinPack, Black + White),

Compatible with: all capacitive screen Tablets and Phones

New Trent Arcadia IMP63T Twinpack Stylus for iPad makes it easy to take notes, draw or simply turn a page.

Featuring advanced micro-knit fiber retractable tip that won’t scratch the iPad’s surface, slide way much more smoother than you regular rubber/sponge tip pen. The Phobio Stylus allows the user to type accurately and comfortably.

The tip of the stylus engages directly with your electronic, touch-screen device, requires no power or software to operate and instantly works right out of the box.

Product Features

  • Stylus is compatible with and will work with all capacitive touch screen surfaces, including smartphones, tablets, and touchscreen-enabled laptops
  • Soft and durable micro-fiber tip offer precise and superior writing experience compared to rubber/sponge tip pens.
  • Retractable tip design to protect the soft micro-fiber soft head when not in use.
  • Lightweight and sturdy material to ensure durability over time.
  • Twin-pack stylus pens means you will always have at least one stylus pen with you, even when on-the-go