Navigon Car Mount Kit with 12-24v Car Charger & Apple Certified USB Cord

Compatible with: iPhone 4/4S

The Navigon iPhone Car Mount Kit was designed to work with iPhone 4/4S models. The mount’s cradle clips to each of the iPhone’s corners; there’s also a clip on one end that you bend back to release the phone. The cradle is very sturdy, and these clips do a great job of holding the iPhone in place, but because of the tight fit, the cradle works only with a bare iPhone. If your phone wears a case—even Apple’s thin iPhone 4 Bumper ( )—you’ll need to remove the case when using the mount.


Product Features

  • Custom Fit Designer iPhone 4/4S car mount by Navigon
  • Industrial strength suction pad holder & sturdy bounce-free mount
  • Car charger (12-24V) that will ensure the iPhone is charged while on the road
  • Extra long (4.9 ft) Apple certified USB charge/sync cable