Mountek nGroove Universal CD Slot Mount

Compatible with: iPhone 4/4S/3G/3GS and other Smartphones

Mountek MT5000 Universal Hands Free CD Slot Car Mount will hold virtually any small mobile electronic device, such as cellular phones, GPS receivers, satellite radio players and more! It uses NO SUCTION CUPS, NO CLIPS, NO SCREWS, and it requires NO TOOLS. Best part, it won’t obstruct your view of the road – it installs directly into your CD player slot or in between the grooves of your dash.

The patent pending nGroove technology allows the mount to be firmly placed in numerous grooves around your dash that are traditionally wasted space. If you decide to mount it in the CD slot – the blade of the MT5000 was designed to insert only far enough into your CD slot to provide a firm hold.


Product Features

  • The MT5000-D: Mountek’s 4th revision of its popular CD Slot Mount. Now with a rubber dipped nGroove blade for better grip!
  • Firmly mounts cell phones, satellite radios, GPS units, MP3 players and more
  • Inserts into front loading CD player slot, where device controls are easily accessible by the driver
  • Requires NO suction cups, NO clips, NO screws, NO adhesives or glue
  • nGroove design allows the MT5000 to fit thin grooves found in autos, planes, boats & motorcycles