Mitsubishi HC3800 1080p Home Theater DLP Projector

The Mitsubishi HC3800 DLP Home Theater Projector’s native resolution is FHD—full high definition or 1080 by 1920. It can process both the progressive (1080p) and interlaced (1080i) versions as well as 720p. Every design decision has been guided by a determination to make the best home theater at the most affordable price possible. That didn’t mean skimping on features or quality. The HC8300 sports a 0.65″ DLP DMD imaging panel from Texas Instruments, which processes not just the primary colors of red, green and blue but their complements, cyan, magenta and yellow. And the projector’s Color Management feature allows you to adjust each color individually without affecting the others. The result is vivid, intense color tuned just to your liking. The HC3800′s 1300 lumens and 3300:1 contrast ratio will allow you to watch clear, crisp pictures in your home theater and there’s an HDMI v 1.3 input keeping the signal in pure digital form from your source (cable or satellite box or Blu-ray disc) to the projector. It also has a computer RGB input so you can hook it up to your PC or Mac.

Truly widescreen movies are generally made in the 2.35:1 (21:9) CinemaScope aspect ratio that requires what’s called an anamorphic lens to be viewed as the director intended. Prior to the HC3800 that meant buying not only the anamorphic lens, but a motorized sled so you can move the lens out the way when you’re watching regular 16:9 or 4:3 programming. With the HC3800 however, one button on the remote can cancel out the anamorphic effect so although you’ll still need to buy an anamorphic lens to see CinemaScope films as they were meant to be you won’t need that expensive sled.

Another money-saving feature you’re sure to appreciate is the high-output long-life lamp. Before you consider a lower-priced competitor you might want to consider that the HC3800′s lamp is rated at 3000 hours in the projector’s Standard mode and an unusually long 5000 hours in Low mode. Over the course of its lifetime your savings on lamps may more than make up the difference in price. The HC3800 is not only thrifty; it’s versatile, from its international 100 to 240 volt power supply to its ability to handle NTSC, PAL and SECAM video signals. Its short throw lens with 1.5x zoom ratio adds flexibility in projector placement. The HC3800 offers a broad array of advanced features at a breakthrough price. It’s fast becoming the projector to beat (and buy!).

Product Features

  • Home Theater DLP Projector 1080p
  • High Quality Glass Lens
  • 1300 ANSI Lumens
  • 4000:1 Contrast Ratio