Microvision SHOWWX+ HDMI Laser Pico Projector

Compatible with: with a wide range of devices supporting HDMI video/tv out

Enjoy movies, photos, presentations and streaming video up to 100″ in image size with the SHOWWX+ laser pico projector. With the Microvision SHOWWX+, the world’s first laser pico projector is now even brighter – our PicoP display engine enables you to enjoy deep, rich color projection with bright and vivid laser images that are always in focus, even on curved surfaces.

Product Features

  • HDMI Connectivity - Works with a wide range of devices supporting video/tv out
  • Infinite Focus - Because the SHOWWX+ HDMI uses lasers to create an image you never need to focus the display
  • Rich and vivid laser colors amplify your photos, movies and more
  • High resolution (WVGA 848x480), Widescreen (16:9) aspect ratio
  • Lightweight, portable, fits in your pocket, doesn't include RCA cables