Marware Sport Shell Convertible Case

Compatible with: iPhone 4/4S

The SportShell Convertible for iPhone 4 delivers 4-cases-in-1. This versatile, elegant, and cross-functional design offers: a hard shell case, an armband case, a belt case, and a tabletop viewing case–all at a single price, in a single product. By utilizing a patent-pending system with a quick-release/quick-attach armband design, we’re able to offer a solution for any carrying style you prefer–pocket, belt, purse, or armband.

It all starts with a rigid, polycarbonate shell that offers scratch and impact protection. Also included is a comfortable, reflective armband that keeps your iPhone safely away from perspiration and provides an easy quick-release solution for when you want to detach your iPhone from the armband in a hurry. The secure, rotating clip on the back of the case attaches quickly and easily to the included armband, or to a belt, purse, bag, or strap. This same clip also locks into “viewing” position so your iPhone can stand horizontally or vertically for viewing on a flat surface.


Product Features

  • 4 cases in 1armband case, shell case, clip case, and viewing case
  • Quick release/attach
  • Securely clip iPhone to waistband, belt, purse, bag, strap, or armband
  • Clip locks in place to become a stand (horizontal or vertical)
  • Includes: Hard shell case, back piece with clip, armband