Manfrotto 685B Neotec Monopod Deluxe with Safety Lock

A monpod is a simple way to keep your camera steady when and where a tripod can’t. Manfrotto’s 685B Neotec Monopod Deluxe offers simple use and versatility, plus compact carrying convenience, to help ypu get the most out of your photography. The 685B sports a new safety lever that prevents accidental deployment of the locking release mechanism. To close the monopod, simply activate the safety lever with the small finger, which then allows the grip action handle to be depressed. The lever is simple to operate while still maintaining the one-handed closing operation. To further improve the single-handed performance of the Neotec Monopod, Manfrotto has added a lightweight rubber foot pedal to make opening or closing a snap. To increase the height of the camera, simply step on the pedal and lift the mon to the new position. For storage and transportation, the foot pedal folds away against the bottom leg section. Manfrotto has also added a protective leg-warmer on the bottom leg section to provide protection against the elements and offer a comfortable grip during transportation. And for extra ground support and increased grip, a suction cup foot has been added. Leg Sections – 3 Max Load Capacity – 17.6 pounds Weight – 1.76 pounds.

Product Features

  • Safety lever that prevents accidental deployment of the locking release mechanism
  • Lightweight rubber foot pedal makes opening or closing a snap
  • Special aluminum alloy used in the aeronautical industry
  • Leg-warmer for protection against the elements and a comfortable grip during transportation
  • 66.9-inch maximum height with center column, 17.6 pound maximum load