Klipsch iGroove SXT Speaker System

An upgraded version of Klipsch’s original iGroove SXT, this latest incarnation is optimized for all the most recent iPod and iPhone models including the iPhone 3GS. Apart from its expanded compatibility, the most notable improvement of the iGroove SXT is its Class D bi-amplifier that individually powers each driver to maximize performance and minimize distortion. Moreover, the iGroove SXT features fully re-tuned bass port holes that reduce port noise giving the current iGroove SXT a cleaner and more potent overall sound. The iGroove SXT also features an S-Video output allowing users to watch videos on a television set. Overall, the expanded features of the iGroove SXT make it an enjoyable and versatile application.


Product Features

  • iGroove iPod & iPhone Docking Station and Stereo System
  • Class D, bi-amplified drivers are individually powered to produce a distortion free sound
  • iPhone and iPod certified for guaranteed compatibility with the latest Apple products with 30-pin connector
  • Auxiliary input allows for compatibility with even more devices
  • Instant wake functionality when used in conjunction with an iPod’s alarm clock feature
  • Recharges iPod or iPhone as it plays
  • Includes an infrared (IR) remote for control and convenience
  • Reduced cell-phone interference
  • Includes power cord and power adapter

Technical Specifications

  • Frequency response: 60-20000 Hz
  • Crossover frequency: 4 kHz
  • Maximum acoustic output: 99dB
  • Tweeter: 3/4"
  • High frequency horn: MicroTractrix horn
  • Midrange: 2.5" woofer
  • Amplifier: class D, bi-amplifier
  • Enclosure type: tuned port
  • Inputs: 30-pin iPod docking connector, 1/8" (3.5mm) mini auxiliary
  • Outputs: S-video
  • IR remote
  • Voltage: 120v
  • Export voltage: 230v
  • 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty