Just Mobile Gum Plus Power Pack 4400mAh

Compatible with: all iPhone, iPad, iPod Models and other Smartphones and Tablets

Just Mobile Gum Plus is a stylish portable backup battery for iPod, iPhone, iPad/ iPad 2 and USB-powered devices. Unlike most backup batteries, the Gum Plus is Apple-certi?ed – its high-power USB output is enough to charge an iPhone to 90% in just one hour. And because it can store up to 4400mAh of power, the Gum Plus will recharge the iPhone up to four times before needing more juice. With Just Mobile Pro Gum Plus, you can enjoy more music, more video, more talk, more games, more internet on your iPhone. With its standard USB charging port, it also charges your iPod, smartphone and other USB-powered devices.

Product Features

  • Solid aluminum enclosure.
  • 4,400mAh ultra-high capacity.
  • 1A high current output.
  • USB and iPhone cables included.
  • 5 LED power meter gauge.
  • iPhone 3G/ 3GS, iPod and Most Electronic Devices
  • Made for iPod certified
  • Solid aluminum enclosure
  • Works with iPhone certified
  • 4,400 mAh high capacity