IPEVO Perch Sofa / Side Stand (L)

Compatible with: iPad 2/3

Equally appropriate in the classroom, the conference room, the waiting room, or the showroom, Perch Large (L) truly gives your iPad a “leg up” when it comes to presentations and more. Intended for a standing user or viewer, Perch (L) is tall enough to be used as an iPodium, an interactive digital placard, an informational signboard, or just a helping hand for everyday iPad use.

Perch looks fantastic in either black or white, and is just as durable as it is beautiful. A heavy-gauge steel base keeps your iPad firmly in position, a forged aluminum leg is lightweight but still plenty strong, and a rugged holder securely mounts any generation of iPad. Select your device when you order to ensure you get the right-sized holder.

Perch is great as a portable iPodium to deliver speeches or presentations, or consider using Perch in your waiting room or lobby as a welcome screen. Place Perch next to art installations, exhibits, or even in car showrooms to provide multimedia information to visitors. Whether it’s education, business, or personal use, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.


Product Features

  • Podium-sized stand mounts your iPad for a variety of presentations, displays, and uses
  • Heavy-duty holder keeps iPad securely in place; device is easy to install and remove
  • Forged aluminum leg and heavy-gauge steel base look great and provide sturdy foundation
  • Effortlessly tilt and rotate iPad with special dual-axis hinge
  • Perch also comes in two additional sizes to meet your needs: Medium (M) and Small (S)
  • Choose from original iPad or iPad 2/iPad 3 models, and Black or White