iPADKET Car Seat Headrest Mount Holder

Compatible with: iPad 2/3

With iPADKET Car Seat Headrest Mount Holder you can instantly mount and dismount your iPad without adjusting knobs or using tools. iPADKET mount flushed against your headrest or the back of your seat. No clunky mounting arm or clamp obstructing you from getting in and out of your vehicle.


Product Features

  • Convenient pocket design provide instant mounting for iPad, iPad 2 iPad 3 or iPad in case with a cover flap..
  • Solid hard protecting casing surrounds your iPad to eliminate possible dismount
  • Extra wide elastic velcro strap allow a secure, stable mounting and enable iPADKET to move up and down for suitable viewing angle
  • Easiest mounting solution on the market (No tools required for installation)