Induro BHD2 Ballhead

Induro has brought the professional ballhead to a new level. The new BHD2 dual-action ballhead offers increased load capacities, large ergonomic locking knobs, adjustable drag and tension control, independent panning control and much more. To provide maximum strength and lighter weight, the BHD2 ballhead is made of precision-machined Magnesium alloy. In response to photographers’ requests, the Induro BHD2 has an Arca-Swiss style quick release plate system for maximum compatibility and flexibility. The BHD2 ballhead is designed to handle virtually any shooting situation and equipment – from compact still and video cameras, to full-sized professional gear. The head has a 3/8”-16 thread base mount and includes a matching Arca-Swiss compatible Quick Release Camera Plate. This has been manufactured to suits every professional needs and it really offers a very dependable service for years. Its light-weight at the same time provides great support. Its oversized knobs provide the ease of locking as well as the adjustable drag control.

Product Features

  • Magnesium Alloy – provides a lightweight ballhead with maximum strength
  • Adjustable Manual Drag Control – provides responsive adjustment to compensate for different camera/lens weights
  • Independent 360° Pan Control – makes horizontal panoramic adjustments easy
  • Oversized lock knobs – ergonomic knobs for easy locking and drag control, even with gloves
  • Arca-Swiss compatible system – interchangeable QR system assures smooth and rapid camera/lens changes