iLuv Professional Case with Detachable Keyboard

Compatible with: iPad 2/3

A perfect combination of utility and style. “The Professional” features a removable wireless Bluetooth keyboard that seamlessly connects to the iPad 2 to offer the utmost in portability.

The keyboard has keys specifically dedicated to iPad 2 functions and its scissor-type keyboard offers the Apple keyboard typing experience that users love, and ensures fewer typing mistakes. This makes the Professional the ideal companion for your iPad 2 especially when using it for e-mail, professional reports, or for graphic demonstrations. The Professional alleviates the need to frequently charge the keyboard as it provides up to 30 days of battery life after a full-charge; a priceless feature that gives you peace of mind.


Product Features

  • Detachable Bluetooth keyboard for mobility and flexibility.
  • Retractable kick stand supports typing or movie viewing.
  • Scissor-type keypad provides more responsive typing.
  • Dedicated keys specific for iPad functions.
  • Integrated rechargeable Li-Polymer battery.
  • Battery life: up to 5 days of usage and 1 month on standby