Tursion High Quality 4800mAh External Battery Pack Power Charger

Compatible with: all iPhone, iPad, iPod Models and other Smartphones and Tablets

Universal portable power bank Keep talking and keep playing longer LED indicators show real time capacity Elegant designed, fit for most cellphone. This compact and long-lasting backup battery will let you carry the power where ever you go.

Product Features

  • Simply charge this Power Pack from your PC or Wall Adapter using the provided USB Cable until it is full; then simply charge your device whenever you need power.
  • High-capacity, rechargeable Lithium-Ion 4800mah battery pack increases energy efficiency.
  • Great for traveling and long flight - Enjoy 25 hours Movie time for iPhone 4, 3Gs iPhone and 4G iPod Touch
  • Compact size allow easily carry in bags, pant pockets, or shirt pocket
  • LED battery meter displays remaining power level.