Griffin Technology Tablet Stand

Compatible with: all iPad models and other tablets, smartphones

Griffin’s Tablet Stand is a simple, beautiful tool that helps you get the most out of your tablet wherever you use it. The sturdy A-frame design swings open to hold your tablet upright in either portrait or landscape view — perfect for reading, watching videos, or viewing pictures. Close Tablet Stand and lay it down to hold your tablet at the perfect angle for desktop or tabletop surfing, reading, or gaming. A built-in soft cushion cradles your tablet and leaves room for cables. Tablet Stand is designed to accommodate a range of tablet devices and their cases, so your tablet won’t have to leave its case.


Product Features

  • Simple tabletop and desktop stand for your tablet device
  • Holds your tablet upright in landscape and portrait views, or at a lower, wrist-friendly angle for surfing, reading, and gaming
  • Folding A-frame design
  • Non-slip cushioned cradle accommodates Griffin’s flexible and hard-shell cases and many others