Gossen Digipro F GO 4033 Flash and Ambient Lightmeter

The DigiPro F from Gossen is a remarkable meter. It offers the versatility of functions meeting the requirements of both the professional photographer as well as the dedicated amateur. It is perfect for both film and digital photography. This high-precision, quality exposure meter for flash and ambient light features a swivel head that will make measuring and reading much easier for both professional photographers and dedicated amateurs.

The well styled, lightweight meter is small enough to sit comfortably in a short pocket while maintaining a user-friendly interface, which can be operated using a single hand. It comes with an “AA” battery, soft case and neck strap.

Product Features

  • Incident and Reflected Readings
  • Cord or Cordless Operation
  • Multiple Flash Measurements
  • Digital Readouts
  • Memory Function
  • Shutter or Aperture Priority