Giottos MM9780 5-Section Aluminum Monopod

The Giottos MM9780 Monopod is a 5-leg section monopod which offers professional performance, features as well as looks. Made primarily from aluminum alloy, the all-metal construction of this monopod gives a feeling of solidity and confidence. Its surfaces are carefully polished twice, so its sections lock firmly and can be released quickly. Finally, the monopod is anodized to preserve the sheen of the original pure black finish.

The large rubber foot (with spike) featured in this series gives firm ground support and flexibility of up to 360° of tilt. Anti-twist screws prevent accidental loosening of heads, releases or cameras mounted on the monopod. A spring-loaded combination 1/4 and 3/8″ camera thread assures easy handling under all conditions and the adjustable hand strap provides additional safety. The security strap attached to the monopod protects the monopod from accidental falling.

Product Features

  • Folded length 20.9-Inch
  • Maximum height 71-Inch
  • Weight 1.4 lbs
  • Leg diameter 36mm
  • Load capacity 33 lbs