Giottos MH 5011 Professional 3-way Head – 8.8 lbs Load Capacity

The Giottos MH-5011 Small 3-Way Pan/Tilt Head which supports up to 8.8 lb (4 kg) is cast and machined from robust aluminum alloy, coated in hammer-finish epoxy, and stove enamelled at 320° centigrade and protected with lacquer.

Its robust handles have integral rubber control surfaces. Hydraulic pressure offers precise control over the image, allowing you to enjoy the scene being captured.

The pan head features a double safety lock and a sprung location pin, which allows the equipment to be simply and quickly loaded and unloaded. In addition, it also includes 3 set-screws to prevent the head from turning loose from the tripod.

Product Features

  • Three spirit levels offer precise leveling in all positions.
  • The two handles can be joined together to allow neat and space-saving storage.
  • The quick release on the MH 5000 has a professional double safety catch patented by Giotto’s. To operate the release lever, the safety button must be pressed, preventing accidental release of the camera.
  • Beneath the camera platform of the MH 5000, two patented controls allow the mounting and removal of the camera. The camera attachment screw is spring-loaded to protect the camera.
  • The MH 5000 series features a specially designed fluid head. Cast and machined from robust aluminum alloy, and coated in hammer-finish epoxy, the MH 5000 series heads are stove enamelled at 320 degrees centigrade and protected with lacquer.