Flip Video Action Tripod

The Flip Video Action Tripod makes it easy to capture all the action, whether you’re standing still or on the go. Unfold the Action Tripod legs and place on a level surface to use as a stationary tripod–perfect for shooting steady video from a set location. Or use the attachable straps to attach it to your bike handlebars, helmet, or other gear to record action-packed video even when you’re on the go.

Product Features

  • Compatible with all Flip video cameras
  • Use as a stationary tripod: fold out sturdy legs and place on a level surface to capture video from a set location
  • Use as action tripod to capture on-the-go action: attach to your bike handlebars, helmet, and other gear using the attachable (and removable) straps
  • Position the adjustable neck to record video at any angle
  • Features a standard tripod mount that is compatible with Flip Video camcorders and other light-weight tripod-based cameras and devices