Corsair Flash Voyager 16GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive

The Corsair Flash Voyager family of USB drives is rugged, stylish, compact and reliable making them ideal for transporting MP3′s, digital images, presenations and more. Flash Voyager drives are fully Plug and Play with most operating systems and backward compatible with USB 1.1.

Product Features

  • Ideal for transporting MP3′s, Digital Photos, Power Point Presentations, Video Footage of the kids, and so much more!
  • Flash Voyager drives have been tested by dropping, boiling, baking, and even running them over with SUV’s!!!
  • Store up to 4,000 MP3 Files! Or How about 4,960 Digital Photos! Or Store 6 hours of video footage!
  • Enclosed in Corsair Proprietary All-Rubber Housing ensures Water Resistance and Ultra Durability!
  • Our 10 Year Warranty means you can write information for 24/7 for 10 years non-stop!