Clik Elite CE708GR Probody

The ProBody Sport model designed to hold the ProBody SLR and continues to fill a long-overdue need among adventure photographers with ProBody needs. The same slim, hydration compatible design keeps you agile and performing with swing-around access to the camera compartment. 2011 model gives improved access to battery and data cards as well as added protection from the elements.

Product Features

  • Holds Pro DSLR, Grip, 2-3 Lenses, Flash
  • Organizer Panel for Batteries, Memory
  • Tuck-a-Way Rain Cover
  • Good for Biking, Fast Packing, Skiing
  • Swing Around Access to Camera Bay
  • Fully Padded, Modular Interior
  • ChestPort, Accessory Attachment Points
  • Hydration Compartment for 3 L Bladder
  • Tuck-a-Away Tripod Attachment for Tripod
  • Lifetime Warranty