Canon Monopod 500 Floor Standing Monopod

When you got to keep moving, a tripod sometimes is too big and bulky. But you still need a little support, thanks to the Canon Monopod 500. This compact (21.9″/55 cm) five-section support has a load capacity of 8.8 lb (3.8 kg) which is ample to hold equipment ranging from point and shoot digital cameras to professional digital SLRs, video cameras, scopes as well as binoculars. The Monopod 500 extends to a working height of 64.5″ (164 cm) and includes a mini-ballhead for positioning your camera precisely where you want it. As opposed to hand-holding, the Monopod 500 allows you to hold your equipment steadier so you can capture sharper images and it reduces the chance of you missing a fleeting image.

Product Features

  • Lightweight aluminum construction: 1.1 lbs. (495g)
  • Extremely compact: 21 1/2 inches long (54.6cm) / Extends: 64 inches long (162.6cm)
  • Foam grip for comfort / Wrist strap for security
  • Adjustable ball-type pan head
  • Four quick-release leg locks & rubber foot for secure and stable photography