BoxWave Nero Leather Smart Nuovo Case

Compatible with: iPad 3/4

BoxWave Nero Leather Smart Nuovo iPad Case – a functional folio tablet case specifically designed for the new iPad. The new case is made from highly durable synthetic leather to protect the tablet from impacts and drops. The ultra-soft interior will keep the screen safe from scratches.

The unique hard plastic shell of the Apple “New iPad” 3 case locks on to the device and keeps it in place at all times without any room for wiggle or slip outs. Magnetic cover acts just as the Apple Smart Cover would turning the tablet on and off upon closing or opening.

The cover can also fold back to turn into a highly stable tablet stand offering several viewing angles. All ports and buttons are open to unrestricted access with the case on the pad. An additional secure tab closure keeps the folio firmly shut when not in use.


Product Features

  • Crafted from durable synthetic leather
  • Slim, form-fitting case designed to perfectly fit your Apple iPad (3rd &4th Generation)
  • Hard plastic shell edge locks your new iPad into place, eliminating wiggle room
  • Soft interior protects from screen scratches
  • Magnetic cover activates the sleep and wake features of your new iPad
  • Cover folds behind and latches to create an ultra stable viewing stand
  • Lightweight, durable design protects without adding bulk
  • Unrestricted access to all your buttons, controls, and charging port