AZDEN ECZ-990 Super Cardioid Zoom Camcorder Microphone

The pick-up pattern of the built-in microphone on camcorders is omni-directional, meaning that it picks up all sounds in every direction equally, no matter which direction you point the camcorder. The ECZ-990 is a 6″ long directional, or “zoom” microphone with a super-cardioid pattern (ellipse shaped). It will pick up your subject’s sound more clearly, reducing side noises. With 2 positions, narrow and wider, the ECZ-990 has a range of 35 feet, uses 1 “AAA” battery, and comes with a windscreen, shoe mount and hook-and-loop mounting tape.

Product Features

  • Allows you to focus on subjects, reducing side noises
  • 35-Inch range
  • 150Hz-18kHz
  • Uses 1 AA battery
  • Includes wind screen and shoe mount
  • 6″ Long, Directional Zoom Microphone With A Super
  • Cardioid Pattern – Ellipse Shaped
  • Picks Up Subject Sound More Clearly, Reducing Side Noises