Arkon iPad Head Rest Mount with Custom Fit iPad Holder

Compatible with: iPad 1

Arkon’s IPM-RSHM head rest mount for iPad is a great way to keep children and back seat passengers entertained with the iPad to play movies, YouTube video, games or music. The Universal head rest mount includes adjustable support arms that attach to the metal posts on your head rest and the iPad specific holder included securely holds the iPad. This very stable and secure mount for the iPad has adjustments to turn your iPad left to right and rotate easily from Portrait to Landscape mode. The Universal head rest mount is very easy to install without tools in just minutes.


Product Features

  • Universal Head Rest mount fits all vehicles with removable head rest
  • iPad Specific Holder included
  • 360 degree rotation and pan left to right
  • Perfect for keeping back seat passengers entertained
  • Easy to instal