AKG K 701 Headphones

The AKG K 701 stereo headphones offer audiophile frequency reproduction and comfort, with a vastly extended high frequency ranging to nearly 40kHz. The patented Varimotion dual-layer diaphragm design, and flat-wire voice coil technology, offer high sensitivity, durability and clarity, with improved definition of both sonic detail and stereo imaging.

Flat-wire Voice Coil

Whether you prefer the holistic approach or like to listen analytically, theK 701 will turn perception into pure enjoyment. AKG is the first manufacturer in the world to use revolutionary flat-wire technology in headphones. An aluminum flat wire voice coil – another in AKG’s long series of “firsts” – moves within a powerful field generated by a computer-optimized axial system of neodymium magnets. This flat wire coil is smaller and has lower impedance than the K 1000′s voice coil, yet its optimal fill factor helps make the motor more efficient, enabling the K 701 to work with typical headphone amplifiers (the K 1000 requires additional amplification). The combination of a strong and uniform magnetic field with a light yet powerful coil enables the K 701′s diaphragm to track audio signals with unprecedented accuracy. The sonic improvement is particularly apparent in the low frequencies.

Varimotion Ultra-precision Two-layer Diaphragm

The K 701 has an all-new diaphragm that continues the evolution of the K 1000′s multi-layer design. Advanced production technology combines two different materials: the first optimizes diaphragm motion, while the second dampens undesirable breakup modes. AKG’s patented Varimotion technology varies the diaphragm’s thickness: the 80 micrometer center zone is virtually pistonic for well-balanced, undistorted HF response, while the highly-elastic 40 micrometer perimeter handles the increased excursion required for accurate midrange and solid bass reproduction.

Self-adjusting Headband

Designed in collaboration with award-winning Austrian firm Kiska, the new K 701 updates AKG’s distinctive design vocabulary with natural materials, including a self-adjusting padded genuine glove leather headband. These new headphones embody functionally aesthetic styling, with a bold design in white, brushed aluminum and sienna.
The 3D-Form earpads are specially shaped for an ergonomically perfect fit, precise and repeatable location on the ears, and superior acoustical transmission.


AKG engineers considered the entire signal path from amplifier to eardrum in designing the K 701. Bi-wired oxygen-free (99.99% OFC) copper cables optimize channel separation. Frequency response is flat from 10 Hz to 39.8 kHz, well beyond the range of human hearing. Sensitivity is 105 dB while power handling is 200 mW. But conventional measurements don’t tell the full story of this very unconventional set of headphones. With wide dynamic range and extremely low distortion, the K 701 delivers brilliantly detailed highs and velvety yet punchy bass – a perfectly balanced, natural sound that places every musician at a specific location in the mix with pinpoint accuracy.

Individually Tested and Numbered

The K 701′s deluxe packaging reflects its elite “flagship” status. Each individually tested, calibrated and numbered set of headphones comes with its own metal storage cradle, which is enclosed in a presentation case. Like the K 1000 it replaces, the K 701 is hand-crafted in Vienna, Austria by AKG’s most experienced builders, and is backed by a two-year parts and labor warranty.

Product Features

  • Revolutionary flat-wire voice coil technology
  • Patented AKG Varimotion ultra-precision two-layer diaphragm
  • Self-adjusting cushioned genuine-leather headband
  • Bi-wiring, high-performance cable with 1/4″ jack plug
  • Comfortable, specially shaped “3D-Form” ear pads
  • Complete with stylish storage cradle
  • Individually tested and numbered
  • System: dynamic
  • Design: circumaural, open
  • Audio bandwidth: 10-39,800 Hz
  • Efficiency: 105 dB SPL / V
  • Max. input power: 200 mW
  • Rated impedance: 62 ohms
  • Weight (without cable): ~ 235 g (8.3 oz.)
  • Cable: bi-wiring, 99.99% OFC, 3 m (10 ft.)
  • Stereo adapter: 6.3/3.5 mm (1/4 to 1/8)