Acer X1261P ColorBoost II Projector

The Acer X1261P projector showcases detailed imagery and text with high brightness and contrast. In addition, 3D-ready capability delivers stereoscopic visuals for enjoyable entertainment, enhanced business meetings, and better learning.

Product Features

  • Acer ColorBoost II is the next generation of ColorBoost performance enhancement technology for Acer projectors
  • All of which feature a six-segment color wheel for business presentations, educational purposes and entertainment in any venue.
  • Acer SmartFormat Technology Conveniently supports comprehensive wide-format PC signals.
  • DLP 3D ready With DLP 3D ready, user can view any 120 Hz 3D frame sequential content from a PC with appropriate 120 Hz graphic card
  • And 3D stereoscopic player or any HQFS 3D DVD title from an NTSC DVD player by wearing a DLP 3D glasses