Acase(TM) Stylus – A-ccurate Slim Stylus Pen

Compatible with: all capacitive screen Tablets and Phones

This 2nd Generation Acase capacitive stylus features an upgraded tip that is far more responsive and durable than most other capacitive styluses. While capacitive touch screens are great, one flaw is the inability to use a stylus. Not anymore! Acase’s Capacitive Stylus allows you to use your Apple iPad without ever touching the screen with your finger.

Product Features

  • Latest and Newest Design in the market which is longer, skinnier, and easier to control and use.
  • Durable substitute when you don't want to use your fingers, helps keep surface of iPad clean with less greasy fingerprints
  • Designed and compatible for all capacitive touch screens
  • Typing on the touch screen keyboard will be much easier, and allows you to use your touch screen device at a natural drawing angle
  • Available in Black and Silver and Blue and Pink